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The San Francisco project managers at Agilemeister and Gang, LLC leverage field experience in implementing Agile and Lean practices to transfer knowledge and best practices to Agile teams. We tailor our start-up consulting approach to each client’s unique culture and development environment. Our coaches are expert facilitators that are dedicated to customer success and skilled in transferring knowledge as quickly and effectively as possible, so that our clients can become self-sufficient. We also provide Agile project management workshops to help you better manage your projects.

Our Agile Coaches bring broad implementation experience to bear with teams. And also,as an onsite partner/coach working full time throughout the engagement. We use proven implementation framework.

We ensure consistency in the delivery and that our proven framework is leveraged so that knowledge transfer occurs during the engagement.

We provide continuous access to a knowledgeable coach that can guide our clients through the day-to-day Agile rituals and events.

For Agilemeister and Gang, LLC, success is working with our clients to architect and realize real business change that impacts productivity, quality, change management and creates shared vision. Business change should be yours to own and build upon—our approach gets you there quickly, efficiently and in a self-reliant manner. Most importantly, our clients have found this approach to be successful.

We provide a comprehensive overview of our approach to training teams, roles and organizations and also outlines specific Agile training recommendations. Agilemeister and Gang, LLC approaches its engagement with our clients in a collaborative, iterative and adaptable fashion. We will also work with you to continuously inspect and adapt as we roll out Agile training across teams to make sure we’re meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Agilemesiter and Gang, LLC work with you closely to develop strategies and/or modify our initial recommendations in a way that best fits your needs (including time allotment, specific coaches by experience/location, budget, content, desired outcome, follow up assessments and tuning, etc.).

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