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The San Francisco Agile Conference  on June 4, 5, 6, 2012 is a 3 day conference to bring the Lean Start-ups space and the Agile Practice communities together on the topics of Lean/Lean Startups, Agile in Information Technology, and, Agile Leadership and Coaching  

The Lean/Lean Startup portion focuses on topics and activities that led to startups deliver value through minimally valuable product they create by pivoting often and in short iterations. We are pleased and honored to have Steve Blank present the opening keynote. 
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Information Technology constantly demanding more, faster and at lesser costs. Sessions focus on topics from those who have leveraged capabilities of Product Managers, Project Managers, Development Teams and Customer Feedbacks to rapidly deliver business value using Agile. It will present practices and share approaches to understanding what's valuable and how to use Agile to bring into reality from visions by knowing and delivering the right value at the right time.

Whether you are just an Agile neophyte or a seasoned Agile Practitioner, the Leadership & Coaching portion of the program will focus on leaderships and coaching skills essential for continual improvement responding to the inevitable change. As an Agile project leader, stakeholder, or an Agile coach leading cultural change across an organization or a team, the conference program will provide a range of sessions, challenging your views while sharing tools and practices to better results. The conference will present Joshua Kerievsky, an expert on Agile Software Development with his closing keynote. 

Please go to for San Francisco Agile Conference 2012. Planning for the conference is slated to start in September 2011. Call for papers will start in January 2012.