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About Our Agile Project Management Workshop

Agilemeister and Gang, LLC provides comprehensive San Francisco project manager services to help encompass all of an organization’s Agile enterprise, Agile adaptation and roll-out needs. Agilemeister and Gang, LLC can manage all components of the full roll-out program, from coaching and training teams and functional groups in Agile project management workshops to scaling Agile practices to the management functions and organizational infrastructure for a technology group of any size.

The roll-out program addresses needs ranging (and often starting) from the individual developers’ and testers’ daily practices, through the Line of Business’ planning and prioritization processes, to IT Steering and IT Governance processes. Our integrated solution framework includes elements of high-level consulting as well as start-up consulting, classroom training, hands-on mentoring and coaching—all integrated into an Agile program appropriately customized for your organization.

The overall objective is to rapidly form and prepare Agile project teams and get them deploying software using a hybrid Lean and Agile process framework, and then scale the use of that methodology. The result might be to spread Lean and Agile management practices throughout the organization, well beyond technology. Achievable goals should include significant progress in the following dimensions:
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Improved time to market
  • Better fit to market, “develop the right things�?
  • Higher quality with fewer defects and less rework
  • Higher productivity to “accomplish more with less�?
  • Ability to respond quickly and cheaply to change
  • Improved transparency of status and predictability of results
  • Higher ROI at the project, portfolio, and organizational levels

Agilemeister and Gang, LLC will manage your Agile adoption and transition as an Agile project. We embrace change and we inspect and adapt continuously to better serve you, our client. At the start of the engagement, Agilemeister and Gang, LLC consultant will work with your Agile sponsor to establish a prioritized backlog of transition stories that we will commit to deliver, over one or more releases, delivering value and proof of progress iteration by iteration. This “Transition Backlog�? will guide our work and provide the means to measure status and performance with empirical results.

With customer involvement, we will establish coordination and impediment resolution structures necessary for the organization to meet its objectives. Many of these techniques and organizational structures are designed to persist after the conclusion of Agilemeister and Gang, LLC’s engagement to ensure the ongoing advancement and development of the customer’s continuous improvement program.

As with any well-managed Agile project, the transition project is managed at all five levels of Agile planning: Vision, Roadmap, Release, Iteration/Sprint, and Daily plans.